word count indesign 5.5

1,664 words in the Studio analysis and only 1,225 words in the Word doc (after copy/paste from PDF).
Or should I just generate a large Word doc?Can anyone suggest some suitable classes for doing this ive been looking at the hashtable but it seems a bit much for this task however im not sure what else is good all suggestions wel 1) basic accounting book pdf I have to rebuild my website and will publish.The, info panel is going to give you a lot of info about your document, unsurprisingly, lets get the panel opened.Wondering if someone out there knows how to check word counts in Pages 08?Here we can tell that the article has 837 words, for example.I don't know of any soft links to these directories. .I need to write a program to read a file and count how many words are in the file.I need to send the files out for translations, so I need to get a word count.I'm trying to nail down a word count for a series of merged html Help chms.The word count includes everything, from titles to endnotes - including acrobat reader 8 for windows 7 64 bit the numbers in my sub-headings.PeterBreis0807 wrote: But Yvan I had to teach you how to do that.So far I have the basis for the while loop to read a line from the file, but I can't seem to figure out how to code the loop.I couldn't find a report in RoboHelp that could accomplish that, does anyone have a creative trick to get this done?Here, well take a look at: How you can use the Info panel in InDesign to conduct a word-count.
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Lets just show you how the.What is your experience with word counts btw.May 3, 2012, has anyone else had the problem that the analysis in Studio 2009 of an idml file (from InDesign.5) reveals considerably more words than a copy/paste from a PDF into Word of the same file?This is a good one: InDesign-Toolbox/Count Text.Sub-heading, and the Info panel pauses for a moment before the lower half of the panel fills with information about the text in that frame.Hi, this will do it for you: SQL select * 2 from order_header; ID ORG customer 1 A 1 2 A 1 3 A .I am having a bit of an issue.Action: Write a program that reads a string, splits it into words and prints each word on a new line.3.