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The Convenience Rollup is a new package that contains all the updates released since the launch Service Pack 1 to help users get Windows 7 with latest fixes and patches as quickly as possible.
Type the following command to create a new Windows 7 ISO with the modified image and press Enter : oscdimg -m -u2 -bC:m C:UsersadminDownloadsWin7files C:o expressit logistics worldwide ltd status Note: Its worth pointing out that there is no an space between -bC: in the command.
If you install Windows from one of those discs, there are dozens of patches and hotfixes found when you check for updates.Run this command from DOS as an Administrator: Dism /Mount-WIM /Name Windows 7 ultimate" /MountDir:C:Win7SP1ISOoffline If you have a different version of Windows 7, then replace the word ultimate with the version of Windows 7 you have.If you do not know which version of Windows 7 you have, use this command to see what is next to Name: Dism /Get-wiminfo.Id5753 Microsoft.NET is required for Windows AIK to install.Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, and the, automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows.This appears to be a small issue with NTLite as it asks for Service Pack 1 to be in the update list even though its already present on the install DVD (assuming you have an SP1 DVD/ISO).Integrate Convenience Rollup update package: Dism /Image:C:Win7SP1ISOoffline /Add-Package /PackagePath:C:u Change name.msu file if you are integrating a 32-bit / different version file: Dism /Image:C:Win7SP1ISOoffline /Add-Package /PackagePath:C:u This step takes a while.Next, instructions on how to fix your own Windows 7 installation media.The next steps involve using Microsofts oscdimg command line utility included with the Windows 7 Automated Installation Kit to create a new ISO image with the latest updates.If you have already installed Windows 7 and SP1, you will need four files to fix Windows 7 Update: April 201 5 servicing stack update for Windows 7 file m/en-us/kb/3020369, april 201 6, windows 7 SP1 Convenience Rollup update file in case of any problems.Alternatively, you can drag and drop individual folders onto the window or select them via the Add button.Lastly, youll also need 7Zip to extract the content of an ISO file.However, if you experiment with or make a single typo in the command lines below, the process may take several hours since you may have difficulty deleting the installation files from your system as they will get locked if you make a typo.These lists do not contain all available Microsoft patches but those that will bring a standard system up to date in accordance with Windows Update.Install the Windows 7 AIK tools by double-clicking the StartCD.Here's how to make a single installation ISO which includes all Windows 7 updates up to 2016.

A better option is to integrate all the updates into the Windows media so they are installed as part of the original operating system.Select the operating system in the list you want to integrate the updates into and press Load.First and foremost you need a Windows 7 Service Pack 1 DVD or ISO image to hand.Extract your own Windows 7 Service Pack 1 iso to C:Win7SP1ISO This means, go to C: drive and create a folder named Win7SP1ISO.Original old August 2016 post: Spoiler : Windows 7 SP1 Convenience Rollup contains all the security and non-security fixes released in more than five years since the release of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 in February 2011.Using 7Zip, extract the content of the Windows AIK ISO file to an empty folder.Open the WUD program, click.Copy the contents of the DVD to a folder on your hard drive.This increases the download times and the time it takes to integrate the updates, most of which are not needed.
Make a new folder C:Win7SP1ISOoffline This means, go to C: drive and inside a folder named Win7SP1ISO, create a folder named offline.