winamp for mac milkdrop

ProjectM.1 with Qt PulseAudio projectM.1 with a new Qt tnterface and support for PulseAudio.
You can thank n0dalus for the mouse cursor, title, and window closing stuff.
About the Mac port.Everybody waiting for this owes our newest (and recently most productive) developer, Alligator Descartes, a big thank you.Don't trust my kobo books on ipad processor usage.Send us bug reports, success reports, or general comments, more is better.Click here to download SDL.3 is required.Also, this release is a plugin for the winamp media player.We now have support for libvisual.Surprisingly, we didn't refactor the code base this time.Now that the Milkdrop source is out, expect good things.G g g g g g Current Settings: texsize: 1024x1024 (rendering resolution) gx, gy : 32,24 (interpolation resolution) FPS : 60 (Frames per second) That's running on an Athlon64 3200 w/1GB ram airtel 3g recharge ussd code and a Geforce 4 Ti4200.
We've moved the projectM config file to /.projectM/config, added the ability to close xmms plugins via the window decorations, added song title support for xmms-projectM, and removed the mouse cursor when fullscreened in xmms-projectM.

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Click here to download The major changes in this release: * projectM - Refactored into a library only dependant upon OpenGL * xmms-projectM - no longer requires SDL.3 from CVS * lv-projectM - NEW!Enjoy.0, and give me feedback!I'm running.6.4 and alsa on the system in the screenshots and boy is it worth.So now any hopes for a polished up mac binary rest upon a) getting another macbook or b) Alligator returning and saving the day.The windows port is now pretty close to reality, so all you guys will soon be able to port projectM to your favorite Windows media players and VJ softwares.Hopefully we'll have some nice goodies for you guys soon!In a few days, he says he'll send me the codebase and we'll get working on an official cross-platform release.Not enough people know about projectM.If you would like to use the new Milkdrop.0 support, remember to install the Nvidia Cg toolkit, enable USE_CG during compilation, and install the Milkdrop.0 presets.
You can mail.