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The rules are similar to a single match, except the legal wrestler can tag their team mate who is on the ring apron and they will become the new legal man.
Tournament - The tournament is a series of matches, in a typical tournament style.
Quick Look: Bubsy - The Woolies Strike Back.Single Match - A one on one match.Premium video, steal My Sunshine - Episode 14 video.Graphically, WCW Nitro would have disappointed players in 1999, when it was published.Widescreen Support, no, features, camera support, voice control.Lightning-fast, four-wrestler action and the most current WCW and NWO wrestlers, including Goldberg, Sting, Nash, and Raven, make this title stand out above the rest.Quick Look: Call of Duty: wwii.Considering how little they'll get for their trouble, even WCW fanatics might balk at the 15MB download.Look out - the big boys are slamming into your.WCW Nitro features actual WCW/NWO theme music and rants for the top wrestlers.Roster, when you first start the game there are sixteen playable characters.Today, the chunky background and crude 3D models don t come close to passing muster.The customizable key commands rarely work as you expect, and the all-purpose action key is especially unpredictable.This blockbuster title features over 60 WCW and NWO superstars with their signature moves, taunts and rants.There are forty-eight others that can be unlocked through the tournament mode, or unlocked through the use of cheat codes.Motion control, driving wheel (native flightstick (native pC gamepad (native).
Control Hollywood Hogan as you take on all comers in a multi- player 'Battle Royal' game.

Specific release details, pS1 - WCW Nitro (US release Date 1997.First one to score a pin fall, submission, or count out is the winner.Rating, n/A, supported Resolutions, n/A, surround Sound, n/A.Online co-op, local competitive, lAN competitive, online competitive Local splitscreen Online splitscreen Pass and play Voice chat Asynchronous multiplayer Top contributors to this wiki Advertise Partnerships API Terms of Use Privacy Policy Ad Choice Help Careers m/giantbombdotcom m/giantbomb m/giantbomb m/giantbombdotcom RSS).And if you're fantasizing about subjecting your roommate to a corkscrew moonsault, forget it: the demo only allows you to play the solo version.Head tracking (native multiplayer, local co-op, lAN co-op.The biggest problem, however, is the strange unresponsiveness of the controls.The WCW Nitro wiki last edited by mento on 07/30/13 06:57PM, view full history, modes.The action occasionally stutters, too, even on a fast machine.WCW Nitro is the most photo-realistic, 3D wrestling game available for the.What's more, after game counter strike biasa each action, your character stops reacting for a few moments.