user defined functions sql server 2008 msdn

Choose Add New Stored Procedure on the shortcut menu.
Select * from Sales.For more information about recursive CTEs, see with common_table_expression (Transact-SQL).In multistatement table-valued functions, @ return_variable is a table variable, used to store and accumulate the rows that should be returned as the value of the function.To replace a stored procedure, use an inline function as a filter predicate for a security policy.Parameter_data_type Is the parameter data type, and optionally the schema to which it belongs.
If a default value is defined, the function can be executed without specifying a value for that parameter.
User-defined functions can be nested; that is, one user-defined function can call another.

Employee e inner join rson p ON sinessEntityID gta vice city bomb blast game sinessEntityID where sinessEntityID @InEmpID union ALL select sinessEntityID,.OrganizationNode, rstName, stName, bTitle, RecursionLevel 1 - Join recursive member to anchor from HumanResources.This option cannot be specified for CLR functions.For information about comparing SQL Server system data types to CLR integration data types.NET Framework common language runtime data types, see Mapping CLR Parameter Data.UfnGetInventoryStock N'FN IS NOT null drop function ufnGetInventoryStock; GO, create function int returns int.For example, choosing Scalar-valued Function displays the following skeleton SQL statements: Copy, create function dbo.To parameterize a view or improve the functionality of an indexed view.The function uses a recursive common table expression (CTE) to produce the hierarchical list of employees.
A new stored procedure is created with the following skeleton SQL statements: Copy, create procedure oredProcedure1 ( @parameter1 datatype default value, @parameter2 datatype output ) aS SET nocount ON return.
Computed_column_expression Is an expression that defines the value of a computed column.