turn based strategy games for mac

Eric #13 mattness Posted I do of course like the Civ series, but have yet to try CivIV. .
#16 Jude Posted Mac_Gamer, on June 15th 2008, 12:32 AM, said: I love to play Tradewinds Legends.Faeria, free to Play, Card Game, Strategy, Multiplayer 59,99, sid Meiers Civilization VI, strategy, Turn-Based Strategy, Historical, Multiplayer.Once thats done, you are needed to expand your interstellar empire and eventually, conquer the galaxy.In addition to the RPGs I listed before, it should be noted that the Baldur's Gate series, Icewind Dale, and I believe, Neverwinter Nights let you set pause options so that the game can almost be played turn-based.Its narrative follows the tale of the five heirs to the Griffin dynasty whore on their quests to repel a demon invasion and assist or obstruct Archangel Michael whos plotting to revive an ancient war.
There have been Mac versions of all of them so far, but only III and IV run on. .
7 Endless Space, this brilliant indie offering should definitely be included in your libraries if youre a fan of such titles.

Anyone know how well it runs on Intel?Eric #9 Zak Posted Eric5h5, on June 12th 2008, 09:07 AM, said: And the sequel, Domination. .No results found Showing 1-10 of 16 results Chessaria: The Tactical Adventure Strategy, Adventure, Indie, Chess 19,99 Warbanners Indie, Strategy, RPG, Turn-Based Tactics 3,99 Six-ear Macaque Strategy, Indie, Turn-Based, Pixel Graphics 27,99 Field of Glory II Strategy, Simulation, Turn-Based Strategy, Rome 9,99 Storms of Shambhala.Has anyone purchased Domination, and can they give us a brief review/assurance that the quality issues that plagued MA have been worked out?There's definitely more bang for your buck. .The final strike came when game final fantasy ix ps1 iso they disabled multiplayer, which was the best way to experience that game.2 Civilization V, civilization V is a 4X strategy game which can be played in a turn based fashion, and it asks you to escort a civilization from prehistoric times into the future on a procedurally-generated map.Transpiring in the aftermath of the nin War during the Ashikaga Shogunate, it asks you to manage one of the many scattered rival clans fighting for control of land.
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