the laws of the spirit world ebook

Their destination is decided solely by their karma.
After progressing through levels of realm 7, spirit souls join God.
Spirit souls in realm 5 upwards have no malice in them; they are guided by good thought and are mandated to help those on Earth or lower realms.
Mediums who help connect humans with their related spirit souls are gifted humans who either use auto-writing or telepathy to communicate.I couldn't keep it aside until it was absolutely necessary.As a spirit soul, he sent feelers to a medium to help it connect with his parents who found life without their (2) dead sons intolerable.Each realm is headed by a High good soul.Realm avi codec for vlc 4 has day and night, much like Earth, and spirit souls there have both good and bad buell ulysses service manual pdf ways about them.Those who are in lower realms are guided by High good souls to take birth to pay off their bad Karma.As spirit souls progress through their good deeds, they keep getting lighter and brighter.
Humans who are mean and involved in lowly deeds may appear to be thriving on Earth but they will all suffer for each bad Karma by spending thousands of earth years in dark and torturous realms.

Realms 1-3 have misery, darkness, mental torture, rocky surface and strange creatures.The Laws Of The Spirit World Free Ebook Download - m/brojutekenegry, a,.APA,.Chicago,.Harvard ndle,.iPad/iPhone, imov.Abdrushin.As spirit souls, they meet their loved ones or can track the progress of their loved ones on different realms.False charities or piousness on Earth is of no use at all.Realms 1-3 have misery, darkness, mental tort A large part of the book had an eerie feel.Spirit souls do not have to eat or sleep; all they need is a dip in the water to feel rejuvenated and some necter every now on then.
A large part of the book had an eerie feel.