split browser firefox 12

Or otherwise hover ove r the edge of the frame and a little arrow will appear on the side that will create a split browser window for you in that side of the screen.
I had 6 sections going on at once at one point.
Split Browser is a Firefox plugin that cansplit your browser into multiple panels, enabling you to view multiple web pages simultaneously in the same Firefox window.Nonetheless I would have preferred some sort of control over which split browsers are always displayed when launching new windows.Visible in another part of the screen at the same time.Your two tabs are now merged into one, with the screen split between the two of them.Although this option appear in the main split menu I found that you have to enable it individually for each desired window for it to work.Version Tested :.5., compatibility : Firefox 2/3, go to the plugin page download the latest version (approx 101K).Split browser controls : the main split menu allows you to manage your split browsers quickly including closing all of them, arranging them (horizontally, vertically, or tiled expanding or collapsing them, and gathering them all back as tabs in the main display.Pandora, online to-do and productivity software like.This free add-on lets you split the content area of your browser into as many windows as you'd like, allowing you to see more information at once.To split your browser window into two separate panes, you simply select "Split Current Tab to" from the new Split menu.Is your Firefox browser cramping your style?Home page and new pages : any split browsers you create will appear alongside your home page the next time you restart Firefox or whenever you create new Firefox windows.I first saw air assault game for pc this plugin being used by a colleague at work who was using it to keep a page on display at all times in the lower part of the screen that displayed his tickets (we use a ticketing system in our office.Meebo, online note-taking services, and, naturally, the various social networking sites, etc.The verdict : a very interesting concept and in general a nice option to have even for normal browser activity.Split Browser allows you to split your Firefox window as many times as your system's memory will support.

If there is a web page (or pages) that you would really like to be always on display Split Browser does the job simply and elegantly.Here are more notes on this program: Number of split browsers : You can add as many split browsers as you like and place them anywhere on screen (top/bottom/left/right).Moreover if you have a large monitor/display you will find Split Browser a great help in enabling you to get the most out.How to create a split browser : right click on the tab or anywhere on the page and find the split tab to context menu.WinSplit Revolution but Split Browser does the job elegantly and seamlessly inside Firefox.This could be handy if you want to continually monitor a browser-based e-mail account or a calendar, for example.Which of course prompted me to start thinking about other pages that someone might want to be able to see alongside their normal surfing activity,.g: web-based email, streaming internet radio or music services such.It is useful in situations where you would like to be able to surf the internet using a part of the screen while maintaining another site, web mail service, or web app etc.Split Browser just might be able to help.Synchronized scrolling : makes scrolling actions in any one window apply to all other split browsers which have this option enabled.Tabs : you can create tabs freely in the split browsers just as in the main display.
Sure, you could toggle between browser tabs-or even browser windows-to accomplish the same task, but Split Browser's approach is much more streamlined.
Note: This link takes you to the vendor's site, where you can automatically install the file into your Firefox browser.