running man episode 155

Elsewhere, Haha and Jong-kook stand in front of another mirror and ask the same question.
Their teacher, Maknae FD, instructs the boys to settle down already, and he introduces todays Graduation Race.
Gary diligently searches through every locker he comes across, and wonders if Ji-hyo has already found the hint.
When they returned to their room, they looked through the yearbook.Its actually pretty funny watching everyone disperse, then merge together, and then scatter away again.What cracks me up is Suzys loud disapproval and the subsequent Suzy and I are our own team!Then, Suzy sticks with Haha and discovers another rule: If someone gets wet, then theyll die.Ha, Ill take that to mean that the mans got enormous biceps.Sign up to add timed comments and connect with millions of fans.However, he manages to send them away, too, and Gary gasps: Suzy didnt have to do a thing!After they all grab an item, the cast sets off in search for each other.That is, until he starts jokingly hitting Jong-kook.

Then they place those into a mysterious time-capsule-like mailbox to be delivered to their future selves.However, they realize that there arent enough rules to go around, and then Jae-suk hits the nail on the head: The couple found each other.Log in here, wANT TO flag this?Once everyone is in their rooms, they read the secretive note (read: mission card) tucked in their nostalgic envelopes.However, nothing happens when they group together.Poor Gary actually thinks that the rule pertains to him (aw and he asks in a worried tone: Is it me?Gary immediately gets jealous when he catches Ji-hyo look for Haha.The school jjang aka the best fighter in school?With a final class picture, the students move on with their lives Five years later.The third times the charm for Gary, who finally bridgman complete guide to drawing from life kicks his shoe into the cubby and wins the first game for his team.Sigh, can we please axe this running joke already?
At this horror movie-like setup, Haha jokes that hed feel safer in jail.
Rocky music playing in the background, heh) for what seems like an obvious oncoming.