running man episode 134 indowebster

The cast heads back to the hotel but its not over yet, because they need to find a game silent hill 3 untuk hp flag in order to acquire the fourth dagger.
Omg, it is SO adorable to see how excited Kwang-soo is and he literally showers his hyung with hugs and kisses.
And his one-liners are pretty freaking hilarious.
None of the cast can really believe it the staff wouldnt make them jump from this height, right?Then theres Hye-jin on the skywalk and she strolls along, calmly as you please.I love it how some members stumble over todays theme (Treasure Hunter) because the phrase is written out phonetically in Korean.Then Hye-jin says she kinda wants to jump too.Then Haha asks for some of Jackies ki and he obliges with a little puff of air.Shocked faces all around.He tries to compose himself but his knees buckle beneath him.Jae-suk laughs, We cant do that, hyung!As soon as the whistle blows, we know that this is one epic battle.Needless to say, Spartakooks is eliminated.Ace, ji-hyo who finds one first and the.Explaining that he lost a precious treasure, hell need the casts help to recover.Does 90s idol count?Anyway, back to the game.
That enables the Blue Team to move on and Jackie agrees to give Haha his number in gratitude.

But leave it to Ji-hyo to figure out the code as well and she starts packing her things.They weigh him and when they ask how much he weighs, Kwang-soo pipes: 42 kg!Then just on top of the escalator, Suk-jin sees a statue with the flag only matlab gui image processing project to find out that its a living statue and freaks out.After a few failed attempts, the third times a charm and they hoist Hye-jin into their arms.Their next mission location, Macau Tower, is cause for worry since it also houses the highest bungee jump in the world.Did you not learn from what happened just two minutes ago?
Jae-suk: It like your spirits left!
Jackie: I love you!