ro2 ranger full dps guide

Poison Arrow (Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 3 seconds Range: 20 meters) Obtain 10 Concentration.
Sharpshooting (1/3 arrow Shower (1/3 poison Arrow (1/5) Camouflage Mastery (1/5) Fear Breeze (1/5) Wind Walk (5/5) Arrow Vulcan (5/5) Falcon Assault (5/5) Here is a visual representation of the finished skill tree.Level 3 45 damage.You will still deal plenty of dps even if you are to stop and heal your ally.This skill will launch you backwards 13 meters, and have a minor delay (bigger delay the further you are from the server).Your DPS is really very great.You can do dps, healer and buffer.STR - Increases physical attack power (2 Attack Power, 2 Parry for every 1 point in STR).If it is not, then I will immediately use Wind Walk.Due to the guardian vigor, im gonna leave this at lv1 and have soul bind to lv2 instead.

If you are taking the Arrow Vulcan route, it is recommended that this skill be maxed.Level 2 19 initial damage and 16 poison damage over time.You are a better DPS than a healer.Level 2 Recast after 60 seconds.Level 3 9 increase.Wind Walk (5/5 arrow Vulcan (5/5 here is a visual representation of the finished skill tree.When youre in emergency status, cast this skill, then cast LoR and 2 more Healing wave.Ragnarok Online 2 Ranger Falcon Assault Build.
With lv2, you will have the CD to 20 minutes which is quite a big karaoke builder studio serial keygen difference!
I will also give an overview of PvP as well, but not much in detail.