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Blue Print (complete) PAL Blue Print (complete) Carnival (complete) Donkey Kong (complete) PAL Gorf (complete) Mountain King (complete) Mouse Trap (complete) PAL.
San Jose Mercury News.Some of their titles such as River Patrol and Miner 2049er II are very rare today and highly sought after by collectors.Retrieved November 13, 2007.(cart) nwcge 2k4 (cart) nwcge Invaders (complete) nwcge Lady Bug #1 (complete) OSU: The Streak (cart, instructions) Oystron (cart, instructions) Pac Invaders (cart) Pac-Man 4K (complete) Pac-Man Arcade (cart) Peek-A-Boo (cart) Phantom 2 (cart, instructions) Pick Up (complete) Pink Floyd Adventure (cart) Planet Of The."What went wrong at Atari?".
Public disappointment with these two titles and the market saturation of poor third-party titles are cited as major contributors to the video game crash of 1983.
Bogost, Ian ; Montfort, Nick (2009).

44 The console was designed by Fred Thompson, and the controller was designed by Kevin McKinsey.Pac-Man 37,493 Spider-Man 36,770 Centipede 34,782 Pitfall 2 - the Lost Caverns 30,972 Galaxian 30,157 32 in 1 28,259 Missile Command 26,658 Frostbite 25,274 Keystone Kapers 24,714 Custer's Revenge 24,587 Defender 22,015.E.R.O.At first, the design was not going to be cartridge-based, but after seeing a "fake" cartridge system on another machine, they realized they could place the games on cartridges essentially for the price of the connector and packaging.#013 (complete) PAL Boom Bang #016 (complete) PAL Catch Time #015 (complete) PAL Criminal Persuit #036 tanenbaum networking pdf ebook (cart) Curtiss #019 (complete) PAL Galactic #002 (cart) PAL Hey!"A Neuroevolution Approach to General Atari Game Playing".(complete) Space Tunnel (complete) Seamonster (complete) Polyvox Adventure (cart) PAL Air Sea Battle (cart) PAL Apples And Dolls (cart) PAL Asteroids (cart) PAL Berzerk (cart) PAL Centipede (cart) PAL Championship Soccer (cart) PAL Combat (cart) PAL Decathlon (cart) PAL Denfender (cart) PAL Enduro (cart, instructions).
Grand, Albert; Yarusso, Joe (2004).
The Supercharger's interface adds an extra 6 kB to the Atari 2600's 128 bytes of RAM, allowing for larger games with higher-resolution graphics.