ps3 modchip usb hack jailbreak

A video from m shows this first PS3 mod working.
If so where can it be bought in SA, and stephen king different seasons epub does it work?
Is there a bypass to this?PS Jailbreak USB Modchip (Can be easily purchased from.Or even use White Ninja's menu for instant both money and rank options.Yes, If you add the features you want, then wait for the orange loading circle in the bottom right, so you know it has saved, then you are safe to remove the menu's and keep the upgrades!Originally Posted by ponder These days you can do the same with a custom firmware.
Sony is probably sh*tting their pants right now, but I'd calm down if I were them.
Also, If your game freezes while installing the gtav, Its because you havent downloaded the correct file (bles/blus) - Look on the side or your GTA 5 case, on the spine, it'll have bles or blus printed.

Heard of a lot of these firmwares bricking consoles.Follow the complete step by step guide posted below to jailbreak your PlayStation 3 to enable you to create backups of original discs.You should use K K Dark Horse for money drops, and use Slinky's Recovery Menu for rank ups.Step 3: Once the console has finished booting up with the PS Jailbreak Modchip, plug-in the external USB storage device which has the "Backup Manager" setup to the consoles USB port.This could even help system sales!This usually happens when the Power and Eject button sequence wasnt performed properly.