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A point-and-click with decent puzzles?
You really wouldn't expect Resident Evil to be as good as it is, but.While we wait, let's reminisce about the best of the year so far.Frozen Synapse's simultaneous-yet-turn-based combat system is adapted here to form the basis for a fictional sports game, in which robots pummel each other for our amusement.Score: 83 Read our review.It's not perfect, but this is a fun and addictive city builder that was well-timed to welcome players left disappointed by EA and Maxis.Kalimba's a striking puzzle-platformer where you're charged with moving two totem thingies simultaneously.Thankfully, Ori's sky-high difficulty level is offset somewhat by your ability to set save points on vidio tutorial hijab paris pretty much any solid surface.Offering short enough sessions that it doesn't outstay its welcome, this has been on constant rotation since it hit Early Access.There aren't many strategy games where you feel this attached to your units, but then your ships are more than just units here: they're the last of a dying race, who have set out on an arduous pilgrimage to their ancient homeworld.Score: Early Access Read our review.Score: 91, read our review.GalCiv 3 doesn't provide a major overhaul for Stardock's galactic conquest and exploration game, but did you really want one?
There aren't that many open-ended platformers that are truly inspired by Metroid, despite the term 'Metroidvania' being so popular these days.
Vlambeer has been tweaking and refining Nuclear Throne for over a year now, and it just keeps getting better.

It's the world's first rhythm roguelike, meaning that you explore its gridlocked dungeon to a catchy beat.That detail is easier to appreciate in this belated PC version of GTA5 thanks to the first-person view and new Director Mode, which allows you to make films from your probably crime-related adventures.The TGP Game Trailers channel is your.You'll start with the ambition of merely building a working rocket in this massively freeform sandbox game, before setting your sights on the Moonsorry, the Munand beyond.Never before has the Total War moniker been more apt as you see Europe razed by the Huns.Also it lets you enjoy a battlespace where Diablo can ride triumphantly atop a rainbow unicorn to battle against the siege tank from Starcraft.A 13-year-old remake of a 19-year-old game, remade for 2015 and released on PC for the first time.Plus it's a good sign for future DA:I DLC.It's a police biome std wide bold font procedural set in a world where the internet is a virtual space called the Trance.