paste shortcut key for mac

Answered, in the shortcut to windows media player mac 10.4 past is to click on the left side of the mouse and click on past.
Place the cursor at the point where you wish to paste it, hit Ctrl-v and, the stuff you copied will be pasted into place.
For example, cmda selects all files in a folder.Save your draft before refreshing this bmit any pending changes before refreshing this page.This page may be out of date.Answered, in, windows 7 'Windows logo' L Windows Vista 'Windows logo' L Windows XP CtrlAltDel Click lock computer.The answer is sometimes, depending on the hardware you have and whether or not you have the patience.What would you like to do?Invariably its hard because of learnt motor skills where my hand always shapes itself to the Windows Ctrl C configuration(I have been using Windows longer).Most shortcuts that you perform with the ctrl key in Windows work by using CMD key in.Note: Doing so is a violation of license agreements* (more what would you like to do?Because the Fn key is actually the key that corresponds to where the Ctrl key is on Windows keyboards and since its the last edge key its easy to find.It requires quite a bit of effort (Apple doesn't make it easy as their OS is basically their unique selling point) but the end result is what's called a Hackintosh.Answered, in, highlight the text you wish to copy, and hit Ctrl-c.Thanks for the feedback!"PC" stands for "personal computer meaning it could be a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

I would like to remap the Copy and Paste to the Fn C and Fn V on the Mac.Answered, in, pC, because today in computing days people mostly use pcs.Ctrl C Ctrl V on Windows and on the Mac its Command C and Command.Answered, in yes Macintosh, or Mac, is a computer made by Apple.1 Answer, cMDV is to paste " means you have to press both keys at the same time).Actully everybody uses a PC, PC means personal computer.