one word substitutes list

Geysers There are natural hot water springs.
Fastidious one, who is very -selective lucion filecenter professional in one's taste.Bibliophile A lover book Biblophile One who loves the study of books.Ample Adequate or more than dequate - in extent, size etc.Diminuendo Gradual increase in force.Fratricide murder of brother.Philately Study of stamp collection Philistine Someone who doesn't care for cultural and intellectual values.Transparent that which can be seen through 190.Incognito Travelling under a name other than one's own.Arsenal a place for ammunition and weapons.
Hydrophobia It is usually caused by the bite of mad dog.

Aurora Australis Southern lights Aurura Borealis Northern lights.Delettante An admirer by the people Deliquisic Become liquide by absorbing moisture from the air - Melt away.Idioms, parts of Speech, phrasal Verbs, build Vocabulary.Eclogue A pastoral poem.Autocracy government by one person.Defendant One who is sued by the plaintiff.