oggy and cockroaches new episodes

Oggy must cook a food to the customer/girlfriend, Olivia.
His tutor, Bob, is at his wits' end!
After their hairs are dry, Olivia calls the cockroaches to get rid of the lice and succeeded.Neither Termite-ator (Oggy et les Cafards ) The cockroaches hire a termite to help them get in the cupboards.Even worse, the cockroaches decide to join by framing Oggy and causing more trouble for Jack and the bears.Oggy and the Cockroaches Panic Room Having enough with the cockroaches screwing his days, Oggy buys a panic room to keep an eye on them.Dee Dee and Marky feel left out, and join forces with Oggy to get rid of the invaders.It's All Under Control, the cockroaches decide to jump into halo combat evolved trial mods Jack's head, take over his brain and control him to wreak havoc all around the place - including Oggy, if necessary.Jack coerces Oggy into being a wrestler.All (Except Jack) The Hiccup (Aux Secousses!) What started out as a sip from a simple cup of coffee turns into intensely strong hiccups for Oggy, and while attempting to steal his fridge, the cockroaches get involved with his situation.But soon the cube causes trouble for him as it grows bigger.This forces poor Oggy to try and keep them quiet, which is easier said than done.Everything is good for Oggy, until the cockroaches come along to spoil Oggy's cookings.Oggy has a fear of mice and even the cockroaches aren't getting on well with this uninvited guest.Marc Du Pontavice Francois Reczulski Neither The Pied Bagpiper (Oggy et les Cafards ) Oggy encounters the Loch Ness Monster in his swimming pool.Oggy and the Cockroaches Virtual Voyage (Voyage Virtuel) It's all out Cyberspace War as Oggy, with his vacuum cleaner, and Joey take a daring voyage in the internet in order to return to the real world - however, system errors, bugs, power flows and even.
Oggy, Joey and Jack Abominable Snow Moth (Mite des Neiges) Things go upside down in the winter when the abominable snow moth came into and eats any yarn in its path in Oggy's home.
Things take an unexpected bad turn, as the cockroaches are stealing their orders and Jack can't wait any longer to tuck.

An all-out prison siege.Paul Nougha Cockroaches Docu-mentally (Micro-craignos) Oggy gets a video camera in the mail and attempts to film the cockroaches' final demise.Jack (somewhat) and Oggy To Serve and Protect (Oggy et les Cafards ) Oggy and Jack attend Bob's police training camp, and the cockroaches sabotage Jack's every task and somehow make Oggy win.Oggy and Olivia Journey to the Center of the Earth After the cockroaches steal Oggy's nose, Joey and Oggy fall to the center of the earth.The roaches wreak havoc by fiddling around with the wave-making machine and cranking it to max.Oggy Buddy Parrot One day, Oggy finds a parrot which repeats anything he says and does, and decides to take it home.
Dave Ingham Olivier Jean Marie Fabien Brandily Neither Sleepless Night (Oggy et les Cafards ) Oggy returns home after a night out with Jack and only wants to go to sleep, but the cockroaches have other ideas.
All (Except Olivia) Jack's Nephew Jack brings his nephew to Oggy's house, wanting Oggy to look after.