nrage input plugin 2.3

Thanks a lot anyway for this great plugin!
Could you implement it, please?Version.2: - Resolved file browsers not displaying supported file types - Improved Xinput game football manager 2013 pc support by backporting changes from 1964input.6-If you press the left mouse button again, the new current position is registered as the new "current zero".Version.3b - Xinput config loading fixed - No longer crashes if an assigned device is removed or not present when starting emulation.I mean this: 1-If you move the mouse without pressing any button, the joystick remains at static zero position (no motion).What I need is a "dragging" mode (ie: the joystick is moved only if you move the mouse together with the left mouse button.I think I need one more mode option for using the mouse/touchpad with project64.Designed by, sTSoftware for PTF (mod by Zeru-j).Fixed by kidkat - Some UI changes to improve readability for high dpi setups.3-If you hold the left mouse button pressed, and move the mouse, the analog joystick position is computed as the vector from the previously recorded "current zero" to the current mouse position.Last edited by NES_player4life; September 13th, 2014 at 22:09.RC files saved from visual studio break the file lister, reverted and edited with notepad.Liste des améliorations : Version.3c : - Xinput Rumble and Deadzone fixed (Thanks KrossX) - Some potential crash and buffer overruns?Auteur : Rabiddeity et Squall-Leonhart, site officiel : téléchargé : 2577 fois ( - 257 Ko).Plugin de Contrôles basé sur les sources du plugin : N-Rage Direct Input8 v2 Release 183 (N-Rage).
4-If you stop the mouse, but the left mouse button is still pressed, the analog joystick position continues to be the same vector as in 3 (so the motion continues at the same speed).
Pour construction project log book rappel, les plugins N-Rage Input sont compatibles avec la plupart des émulateurs Nintendo 64 et permettent de configurer une multitude de périphériques (y compris la souris).

note that since the analog joystick position will be set as the length of the vector from the "current zero" to the "current position I believe this mode might need a different scale setting for the motion.Only when you release the left button, the joystick returns to its zero position).Voir le Dossier : Jouer aux FPS de la Nintendo 64 à la Souris et au Clavier.If you stop the mouse but the left button remains pressed, the joystick remains at the last position.Thanks a lot for this great plugin.Current developer: Rabiddeity, release Date: September 9, 2012, currant Revision:.3, attached Files.Powered by phpBB 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007 phpBB Group.I believe it should be quite easy.