naruto shippuden episode 210 bahasa indonesia

The second opening theme, "Lovers" Ravzu ) by 7!
Kabuto meets up with Madara at his hideout, but Madara refuses to listen and goes in to kill him.
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217 "The Infiltrator" "Sennysha" June 23, 2011 November 23, 2013 Yamato arrives and berates Naruto for getting away from him.215 "Two Fates" "Shukumei no Futari" June 9, 2011 November 9, 2013 Naruto confronts Sasuke and berates him for attacking a member of his team.The season contains five musical themes: two openings and three endings.Archived from the original on September 14, 2016.206 "Sakura's Feelings" "Sakura no Omoi" April 7, 2011 September 14, 2013 While Killer Bee practices Enka with Kin-sensei, he is approached by Kisame.Code, für Kunden von, vereinigte Staaten 40404 (beliebig kanada 21212 (beliebig vereinigtes Königreich 86444.Mei decides to join the fight and proves too much for the injured Sasuke.The third ending theme, "Yokub o Sakebe!" (!, "Shout Out Your Desires!The Raikage then shows up and him and Bee decapitate Kisame together.He says that the only one who could stop him is Naruto, who has one piece episode 358 inherited the Senju's do cd humanos oficina g3 Will of Fire, before vanishing.Kakashi realizes window 7 with crack that the repeated hatred coursing through the Uchiha's history has made Sasuke what he is now.211 "Danzo Shimura" "Shimura Danz" May 12, 2011 October 19, 2013 Sasuke gains the upper hand over Danzo, having tricked him into using up Izanagi.204 "Power of the Five Kage" "Gokage no Chikara" March 24, 2011 August 31, 2013 As Killer Bee decides to meet his Enka teacher Kin, Sasuke uses his Susano'o to destroy the pillars in the room, making the ceiling collapse.
220 "Prophecy of the Great Lord Elder" "gama Sennin no Yogen" July 21, 2011 December 14, 2013 Gerotora recalls their agreement with Jiraya that he will be stored inside of Naruto and asks the Great Elder for advice.
In an apparent lull in the fight, Kisame introduces himself to Kin and Bee.

The Tailless Tailed Beast" "Bij VS O no nai Bij" (VS) April 14, 2011 September 21, 2013 Danzo's bodyguard, Fu, uses a Mind Transfer trap on Ao, trapping him inside of a puppet while Fu commandeers his body, hoping to steal his Byakugan for Danzo.At that moment, White Zetsu appears, announcing Sasuke's arrival at the Summit.Then after their brief clash, Naruto tells Sasuke that he is prepared to die in their final battle.208 "As One's Friend" "Tomo to shite" April 21, 2011 September 28, 2013 As Jugo and Suigetsu are caught by the samurai, a clone of Sai confronts Naruto and tells him about Sakura's intentions to kill Sasuke herself in order to free Naruto of his.202 "Racing Lightning" "Hashiru Ikazuchi" March 10, 2011 August 17, 2013 Yamato and Kakashi restrain Madara, but he insists he merely intends to speak with Naruto.Meanwhile, Madara confronts Naruto.
The Gathering of the Five Kage Gokage shketsu 2 the season follows the assemblance of the Kage, the five village leaders attempting to stop.