mcdonalds instant win game

There are three ways to win prizes in Monopoly Win Win: instant win, online game and collecting a property set.
When you click through to claim your prize, just select the.
Online game stickers file and folder protector serial Every double or triple sticker comes with a 9-character unique code to enter online at for the chance to win one of 119,520 cash prizes.If you already microprocessor and interfacing by godse ebook have an active Pass, and you win one or more free months for the same Pass, we'll amend your monthly payment accordingly.Heres how many rare stickers are in circulation, and what you win if you collect a set.Find out more at you must be 16 to take part, and the promotion runs from 22 March until 2nd May 2017.Or you can wait until your Sports Day or Week Pass ends, then redeem your offer.Yes, you can, unless you already have a Sky Sports Pass, in which case you won't be able to get a Sky Sports Day or Week Pass.

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Tips If youre a fan of wombling, keep an eye out for unwanted game stickers on tables in the restaurants lots of people peel to see if theyve got an instant win sticker, then discard them when they havent!Look out for McDonalds vouchers in newspapers and on the back of bus tickets to get cheaper products It was suggested last year that you could ask for a free tap water and receive it in a cup with stickers on but most staff are.McDonalds Monopoly Win Win (which continues until ).Which products to buy, stickers dont come with every product at McDonalds.Triple sticker, large fries, large carbonated drink, large iced frappé/smoothie, Big Tasty, Big Tasty with Bacon, Premium Salad, Chicken Legend, Chicken Selects, Big Flavour Wrap, BBQ/Classic/Spicy from The Signature Collection.If you collect a full set of property stickers (ranging from 2 to 4 depending on the set) you can claim a prize.In addition to the cash prizes, there are additional winning moments during the promotion, and if you enter your code during one of those you could win one of 2,500 CeX 20 vouchers or one of 2,000 three month Deezer Premium subscriptions.
If nobody enters at that exact moment the prize is not won.