mcafee update says no internet connection

Users of McAfee VirusScan Enterprise (VSE).8.x, the company's flagship enterprise antivirus product, had to wait until Monday for a so-called superDAT hotfix that wouldn't require them to reinstall the product on thousands or hundreds of affected computers.
"Since these events are becoming a worrying trend, should we implement test procedures inside our organizations as we do with other updates like the ones deployed by Microsoft with Windows Update?" Manuel Humberto Santander Pelaez, a security incident handler at the sans Internet Storm Center.
Users who continued to encounter errors after updating to this DAT version were advised to uninstall the product using a specialized tool called McAfee Consumer Product Removal (mcpr) and then install the updated version of the product.I have two laptops connected wirelessly.This is ssh client winscp windows not the first time that McAfee has issued a bad DAT file.The wireless connections have never failed to operate properly.McAfee confirmed these problems on Sunday in a technical document that described two possible solutions, both requiring users to update to a newly released DAT 6809 file."There is no current ETA for this release.".Facebook page or our, twitter feed.I would like to buy McAfee or one of the other Internet Security suites, but do not want to have the same Internet connection problem I previously had.I should have also stated that I have a 2Wire, DSL Modem/router combination unit.Others said that delaying the update deployment by 24 hours or deploying the updates in stages starting with the least critical systems would limit the impact of a bad update.Another noteworthy point is that when the desktop failed to connect to the Internet, the way I corrected it was to reboot.When I downloaded the updates, they were also installed."This has predominantly affected our servers and rebooting them isn't an option a customer named harris_s said on the McAfee forum on Tuesday.
Since I stopped updating McAfee, I have had no trouble connecting to the Internet with the desktop.

That's a very long time to have AV antivirus in a faulty state a user named mjmurra wrote hours before McAfee released VSE.40 to remediate the issue.After installing these updates some home users started encountering errors when accessing the McAfee Security Center console, which prevented them from performing any action inside the program.In the meantime, McAfee recommended that the hotfix be deployed in stages on networks with offsite branches, where it might cause bandwidth issues."I work in a very tightly controlled environment and rolling out a 100mb hotfix that MAY require a reboot asap is not going to happen a user named Superhoop said.Sometimes it would take 2 reboots, sometimes 10 or 20 reboots before I could connect to the Internet.Other users experienced a loss of Internet connection on their computers.Some users whose affected systems include servers were not happy with this.In April, a DAT update for McAfee email gateway security products resulted in system crashes and message scan failures.