malwarebytes or spybot 2013

The short-short version, most home and small-business users who dont want to think about it too much should simply: Get a router, even if you have only one computer.
Tuto4PC, C:windowstempqdi1TJ9L5N.EXE, Delete-on-Reboot, 2306, 350732,1.0.951 Adware.The landscape keeps changing.JavaPlugin, version11.91.2 key not found.MalwareBytes Professional does not really offer anything that your current Anti-Virus product does not already do, so running the real-time shields of the PRO version quickly becomes redundant.Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has evolved over the years from a tool that defied categorization not really anti-virus, not really anti-spyware, but still catching things that other tools did not to a full-featured anti-malware package. .Optional.Tuto4PC, Delete-on-Reboot, 112, 314797,1.0.951 n, Delete-on-Reboot, 10337, 257691,1.0.951 squor.SPL, Delete-on-Reboot, 2086, 339986,1.0.951 n, Delete-on-Reboot, 17834, poser 7 serial number 259462,1.0.951 PUP.Spybot Search Destroy is the highest ranked freeware tool at m, a website that ranks malware removal tools.Optional.Komodia, Quarantined, 1292, 106353,1.0.951 PUP.This is an update to an article originally posted September 30, 2008.
I mean, how hard is it to keep the free version updated and run a scan once a day/week?
The internetunfortunatelyisn't a never-ending buffet of secure open-source software and Bollywood-style musicals starring lolcats.

Optional.AppTrailers, hkus Delete-on-Reboot, 1067, 324090,1.0.951 squor.It integrates with Windows Update to keep itself up-to-date.Optional.OtherSearch, C:Program Files (x86)i, Delete-on-Reboot, 707, 306041,1.0.951 PUP.DTPlugin, version11.91.2 key not found.When it's done, ComboFix spits out a log file and lists all the malware it found, which ones it was able to remove, and which ones you'll have to use your Google-fu to look up how to remove manually.End of Fixlog 13:19:12 Malwarebytes (I only have the free version so I couldn't enter the advanced settings Malwarebytes m -Log Details- Scan Date: 1/8/17 Scan Time: 3:29 PM Logfile: Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version: 9 Components Version:.0.0 Update Package Version:.0.951 License: Free.This week's honorable mention goes to "Reformat" (as in your hard drive) as a last-ditch, foolproof solution to your malware problems.Use Windows Defender, already installed in Windows 8,.1 and 10, or install the free.You download ComboFix, run it, and it takes care of the rest.FF Plugin hkus : @t/acestreamplugin, version - No File.
Optional.HDWallPaper, C:program files (X86)HDWallPaper, Delete-on-Reboot, 169, 314832,1.0.951 PUP.