lucion filecenter professional

Use Barcodes as Separators.
To turn this on, go to Settings real football 2012 game peperonity Save/Open Dialogs Synchronize Path Changes Both Directions.
In Outlook, if you left a message composition window open, trying to save a message from the Inbox always used the message info from the draft instead of the selected message.If you hold down "Ctrl" while you open the split view, the lower columns will match the sizes of the upper columns.710 E Technology Ave, Orem, UT 84097, USA.Fixed some minor issues with shared settings.Works with any scan, PDF document, or image file.A number of different color themes are available for the UI ( Settings General Theme Colors ).Updated the Save/Open integration.The idea is that 92 toyota corolla repair manual if you're appending documents to each other, you may want bookmarks indicating where each document starts.When combining PDFs in Manage view, you can now drag-drop files into the dialog.Fixed a rename/refresh issue with nested subfolders.Improved Save/Open flow when the user is prompted to replace a file.Fixed various issues in the Admin Tool.Updated some core PDF components.The Split view selection will persist if you switch to Edit mode and back.In Windows 7, there was an issue with the preview window not updating properly when you resized.When saving/renaming medical library body works version 6.0 a file, click the "." button, then the Custom Lists tab.

Right-click a drawer Apply Folder Template wasn't hooked up properly."Insert Separator" wasn't working for tiffs.The Outlook add-in settings were remaining disabled if you were using a clean installation of Outlook 2010.Select the file, then click the Files button Change File Date/Time.If you cancelled out of Save/Open with the focus on the drawer search field, it produced an error.Recent updates to the previewer were causing it to freeze.You can now have FileCenter pick up that path change, so when you go back to the main FileCenter interface, it has also switched to the new path.Updated the PDF print driver in FileCenter Professional.Improved the way FileCenter scales for high-resolution displays and large font sizes.
You can now edit scanned images.
If that barcode happens to have a valid path and filename, you can also have the document routed to that location.