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Sold to Island Traders Inc Aug 16, 1961.
To AMC Hill Field Sep 1,1949.
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5B-CBB Worldinter Supply Svces Ltd registered 18Apr69.Was first Allied aircraft to fly into Hiroshima after the atomic bombing, transporting journalists into the devastated area and bringing out the wounded.1945; 9th Air Force, Europe; 354th Fighter Group, Stuttgart-Echterdingen R-50, Germany; Destroyed in a landing accident at Neckargartach, Germany December 15, 1945.Aerolineas Colonia sold it to "visal" and to Lanica Feb 17, 1977 as AN-BRX.77902 to Guatemalan AF between 19Returned to USA in 1972 and to civil registry as N38227.76838 (MSN 16422/33170) to usaaf as TC-48B-30-DK May 10, 1945, to US Navy as R4D-76839 (MSN 16423/33171) to usaaf Apr 28, 1945.
Destroyed by fire when undershot during night landing and struck bank Nov 30, 1945, Almaza, Egypt 76530 (MSN 16114/32862) to usaaf Mar 16, 1945.
Bought by Corporacion Boliviano de Fomento May 1946 and registered as CB-40, later reregistered CP-540 in 1951.