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Hay un centro de bajas presiones sobre el Atlántico que causa tormentas.
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Discussions about 'low' in the English Only forum See Google Translate's machine translation of 'low'.For these families, the bulk of income comes from wages and employer-provided benefits, followed by other income sources linked to jobs, such as wage-based tax credits, pensions, and social insurance.A quick pop on an open mic caught her greeting children at a Paris hospital in their native tongue.Figure 7 CEOs now make 296 times what a typical worker earns : CEO-to-worker compensation ratio, Year Interpolated values 1965/01/01.0 1966/01/01.0 1967/01/01.0 1968/01/01.7 1969/01/01.7 1970/01/01.7 1971/01/01.7 1972/01/01.7 1973/01/01.3 1974/01/01.3 1975/01/01.3 1976/01/01.4 1977/01/01.4.Firms to the pay of typical workers in those firms industries.Low impact, low-impact US (without great effect on environment) de bajo impacto ambiental Nowadays, more people are leading a low-impact lifestyle by using materials and resources more efficiently.Low pitched (sound: having a low autodesk autocad 2013 full version with crack frequency) ( tono ) grave Note : hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun the low point informal (least happy time) mal momento This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence.Low (sun: setting) bajo The sun was low and about to set.This phenomenon occurs when collective bargaining achieves even modest penetration.Trump attended meetings that the President hosted, in order to understand certain initiatives that she wishes to support in her own way.".
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