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Masato is shock at the belt's side effect as Takumi fix him.
She goes to visit her father again, with Takumi tagging along.
He meets up with Kusaka and convinces him he only attacked him to get into Smart Brain so he could destroy it narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe games from the inside.
46 "A New President Appears" "Shin Shach Tj" December 21, 2003 Kiba picked up as president as everyone's shock.Keitaro and Kusaka search for Takumi but find Kiba instead.Kamen Rider Faiz arrives and fights the Orphenoch as Murakami uses his Orphenoch powers to kill those that would remove him as president.Enter Tiger Enter, Delta Enter, the President Episode Red: Yuto's Life Episode Yellow: Imagin Anime 3D Template:Episodepage Erlkönig: game airport tycoon 3 gratis Mother and Child Reunion Escape from Edenoi Everyone Together, the Perfect Resurrection, and Your Greed Excellent Bike Exit Nefaria, Enter Barbaria F Faiz 2 Faiz High School's.Mihara finally decides to enter the battle with the Orphenochs as Delta and shows up as Kusaka starts to battle the rest of Lucky Clover.A Person's Whereabouts A Piece of a Memory A Rider's Challenge A Rider's Resolve A Shining Tomorrow!They were attacked by an Orphenoch.Mari arranges to meet with Sawada again.Check out the discussion page and revision history for further clues about what needs to be updated in this article.Takumi continues to think it was him until Mari talks to him and returns the Faiz belt.He doesn't tell both Mari and Keitaro that Kusaka attacked him nor answers any of their concerns about what has been bothering him.Takumi and Mari try to steal Kiba's Smart Brain pass card from his car but are caught.Kusaka fights it, but it escapes.He continues to push Takumi's buttons.Murakami suggests training a new member for Lucky Clover to replace.Takuma, the new Faiz, gloats to Saeko that he will take back the Kaixa Gear as well.

A Cat, Evolution, and a Glutton, a Clockwork Fiancé, a Dangerous Gamble!?The police search for her and Kiba.Episodes edit, ep title, original airdate 1 "The Start of a Trip" "Tabi no Hajimari" january 26, 2003, an intruder breaks into the research lab of Smart Brain and steals a mysterious device the company is working.25 "The Dark Laboratory" "Yami no Jikkenshitsu" July zombie frontier 2 hack without survey 20, 2003 Smart Brain recovered Faiz and Kaixa as Kusaka was captured.On October 5, 2003 (The day that episode 36 aired) the show used.Kitazaki get hit by Takuma using his Orphnoch form before Kitazaki is executed by Arch Orphnoch, who eats his Face and become King.
Yuji Kiba leads a peaceful life until a truck hits his car, killing his parents and himself in a coma.
The Arch Orphnoch Attacks Delta until Takumi and Kiba arrives, and Faiz Blaster destroys Horse Orphnoch and Arch Orphnoch with Saeko becomes no longer human and Takuma starts a normal life as Orphnoch were disbanded soon after.