hide files mac os x lion

2: Hide them in the Library.
Again in Terminal, type mv filename.filename.Another must read: If you want to Show all hidden files then use this command: Open Terminal found in Finder Applications Utilities.Having trouble setting this up?Just like you can hide folders, you can hide individual files too.Create a new user in System Preferences Users Groups preference pane, then put the files and folders you want to hide in that account.7: Set visibility attribute to invisible.Youll aliens vs predator 2010 review pc find mortal kombat 8 full game those and more in the story 100 More Things Every Mac User Should Know in the April issue of Macworld.In Terminal, type chflags hidden and then drag a folder or file you want to hide into the Terminal window; you can still access those hidden folders and files by summoning the Go To Folder dialog (Command-Shift-G) and typing in their full paths.To comment on this article and other Macworld content, visit our.Want to quickly hide a file from prying eyes?If you have used, maven in past then you might have some info about.m2 folder. .6: Hide in plain sight, use innocent-sounding filenames such as Cat videos January 2013 LOL!Thanks to writer Steve McCabe for the tips.

Love SEO, SaaS, #webperf, WordPress, Java.Facebook page or our, twitter feed.Go to System Preferences Security Privacy pane and turn on FileVault.Maybe you share an account with others and need to keep some things private.Whatever the reason, here are eight ways to do it in.Navigate to that Library folder, then create a new folder there or just drag the files or folders you want to hide into.
In Terminal, enter below command: Same way if you want to Hide all hidden files then use this command: Bonus Tips: How to simplify this process by adding an Alias.bash_profile file?
3: Put them in another user account.