halo 4 terminals explained

As you exit the blast door, look for a cfa level 2 curriculum books yellow light across the gap where the lift sits, then make your way there by jumping over the supports that ring the gap.
Look in the bottom left hand corner, there is a green arrow, when it turns red you can exit the terminal.
Take the left fork that leads to a dead end with this terminal on the rear side of the tower.A weapon I could tune to any target?" We see a birds-eye-view of the ground high in the sky, then we see several computer screens about the Halo, after we now see a room of Forerunners, probably when the plan was being made.Jacob Keyes : "Miranda?343 Guilty Spark : "Greetings, humans, and welcome to Installation.As he scans Threshold, he finds the gas mine.The path through the area leads across several light bridges, but the path forks at one tower in three directions.
To let her plans come true." We see a field with a mountain in the background, and a strong shadow of a forerunner being cast on the field from off screen, there's a flash, and the shadow is gone.
Quarantine must not be violated." Now viewing a CCS -class battlecruiser that is close to Installation.

343 Guilty Spark : "My analysis shows that the mixture of gases coming from the ship matches the natural on my installation almost exactly." 343 Guilty Spark : "Perhaps the occupants (If they still live) were originally cataloged here!I hope they come out soon, though.Terminal 10 - The Maw Edit Screen shows close-up of 343 Guilty Spark.Jacob Keyes : "I forgot something.Simply walk the round part of the walkway until you find.Video Walkthroughs Edit Halo 4 Every Hidden Terminal Location (7 Terminals) All Terminal Locations Halo 4 Every Unlockable Terminal Cutscene Video from Waypoint (8 Videos) All Terminal Cutscene Videos Halo 4 Terminal 1 Location and Video (Mission 2, Unlocks 'War Terminal 1 Location and Video.Before going inside the airlock door, follow a tube-like passageway beneath the platform to find this Terminal embedded in the asteroid's rocky core.Curious." Several screen scroll by showing mans evolution, from cavemen, the pyramids, a European city during the Industrial Revolution, World War II, nuclear explosion, the space station, until finally a spartan (Supposedly John-117 ) wearing Mjolnir Armor.Each of these codes can be decoded into English where each symbol represents a letter of the alphabet or number.
The Sangheili approaches Spark and kneels before him.
The Pillar of Autumn Edit This terminal is located expressit logistics worldwide ltd status on the bridge to the left.