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Use your irritability to your advantage and streamline what youve done.
If you dont stick with it, thats okay, dont punish yourself.
The classic saying is, write drunk, edit sober, but.
Get Up and Move, first, get up from your desk and move your body.Image credit: Do8y flickr, cold and inclement weather can ruin your day if youre caught unprepared.No one likes dealing with sporadic showers without an umbrella, or cold weather without a quality pair of gloves.Her name was Heather, Jason.For me, this means responding to emails, finding stories to pitch, doing research for other stories, editing photos, and organizing files as cactus bruce and the corporate monkeys full version need.Everything else can be moved to your afternoon easy list.
If you do, be sure to reward yourself and reinforce that behavior.

Save all of that stuff for the afternoon when you can switch on autopilot kmsnano activator for office 2013 and power through all of it listening to your favorite tunes.Read more Read, spend Just Five Minutes on That Big Thing.Everyone wants to check out early on Fridays, but weblog Asian Efficiency suggests completing your.Image: Screen Shot via Twitter.Unless one of those things is urgent that day, I dont bother with it until after lunch.Having come from a stressed out life as an international fashion and entertainment PR pro, she gets what a busy lifestyle can do to your health, and how much a little splurge here and there can really help your well being.The idea of waking up early, sitting down to breakfast, and writing a few pages quantitative aptitude cat arun sharma ebook in a journal sounds.
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