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The Gremlins survived by hiding underground, only to learn that they are going to cease to exist because they are created by the imagination of humans.
By the end of The Wages of Fear, Luigi, Bimba, Jo and Mario himself were killed in the job, and Bernado has committed suicide.
Garth Nix's Keys to the Kingdom subverted.
The toughest one survives after figuring out that the Nazis are after a box of stolen gold and presenting it to them.Big Bad and thus preventing, the Bad Guy Wins, or it becomes clear that likeable as they may be, the world is better off without them, or their deaths are clearly an escape from.The backstory also has a kill em all for almost the entire planet!Of the key characters who die, Zeke Sanders, Isaius Sandoval, and Faridah Malik can all die if Jensen doesn't intervene.EXO also became only the 3rd idol group to chart at #1 on Gaon for 4 weeks as well as the only male idol group.Anyone Can Die, up to and including Commander Shepard him/herself if you're insufficiently prepared.The Base Defense missions in the middle-late portions of Marathon 2: Durandal have the player scouring a friendly base from evil clones of the friendlies.An intermediate court in Qingdao, China made the verdict that Tao is to repay SM Entertainment as well as interest for the delayed payment." 122 123 In July 2016, it was announced that the lawsuit between Luhan, Kris, and SM Entertainment had been settled.Anna, with the exception of Hector and Angelo, every single villager and Allied soldier.Heston actually re-wrote the ending to the script (in which Taylor destroys the entire planet) because he didn't want it to become a Franchise Zombie, and would rather just end it then.Even E-Male from the episode "Members Only" and at least three original characters die.The Scooby Doo Project heavily implies this, just as The Blair Witch Project did before.After Pucci obtains Made In Heaven, all of the surviving cast up to that point save for Emporio is killed.Of the six members of the eponymous Jackdaws, a World War II thriller by Ken Follett, only two survive the mission to occupied France."The Power of the Daleks" kills everyone in its large, well-developed, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder -prone cast apart from the Doctor, his companions Ben and Polly, The Stool Pigeon Quinn, and last-minute Heel Face Turning Valmar.
A Peccatis seems to be doing this to the previous generation.
Even the history plays are not immune to rapidly climbing death tolls.

"Mission to the Unknown" kills everyone except the Dalek and the mysterious council of aliens (all of which die later, in "The Daleks' Master cool edit pro 2.1 trial version Plan" ).On October 10, Exo became the first artist to hold a dome concert in South Korea with "Exo - Love Concert in Dome" at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.Also some low-level unnamed Mooks, and two Grey Knights who weren't captured in the opening chapter.That's every single one of the scientists your crew was sent to check up on, every single one of your teammates no matter what station, and the protagonist himself is killed in the episode finale to boot.Just after the Master passes on his final technique, he dies while taking the last of the Mooks with him, and the successor kills Odi Wang Lee.", SM " " ".Creator, the sole survivor, permanently deactivates years later.", " " vs SM (in Korean).In Code 7, this is the objective geologi regional cekungan kutai ebook of Big Bad.O.L.I.And there's nothing we can do about it".
The Author decided to change that, however, when coauthor Eric Flint sped up the Mesa plot - and probably headed off what would have been the greatest fan rebellion in science fiction since Star Trek was first canceled.
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