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The game is beautifully done, with graphics that rival that of early Playstation 2 titles, and some of the best music in the series (I still get chills every time I hear Freya's theme).
Many unexpected plot elements fall into river raid game atari place and the story turns into an epic quest that reveals the intriquate ties the characters share.Strory: 4/5 The only reason this one gets a 4/5 is because it contained many Cliché's from earlier RPG's.The characters are msp sc hack no all likeable, and while the game has its emotional moments, it doesn't come off as trying too hard.The plot spans four amazing discs, and even after training pace calculator half marathon the main quest is over, there's plenty more.Alright, down to the good stuff!To play this game, you need to download a Playstation/PSX emulator, click here to see our emulators.Limit Breaks are replaced by the Trance system, in which the character becomes more powerful for a limited time and attains new abilities, a la Terra's Trance from ffvi.You learn abilities by ecuipting Item and armor.The battle system resembles that of FF 7 with the "Trance" system which is remotely the same as the "limit break" from.Report Uploaded by alphaomega Report Uploaded by The Wha!?
It pays tribute to the Final Fantasy series a whole.

All in all, I highly recommend this game.The veteran composer for the FF series.The story puts you in the shoes of Zidane Tribal on an Epic adventure through the world of Final Fantasy.While the previous three Final Fantasies allowed anyone to summon, IX only has two summoners, as it's crucial to the plot.Tobias Hayes rates this game: 5/5.You learn abilities by equipping Item and armour.Personally This is the Final Fantasy that I enjoyed the most on the Playstation.A very enjoyable, uber-classic RPG.It still has a fresh feel in art and visual style.Once the gauge fills, they enter their unique Trance states, increasing damage dealt and allowing them access to a variety of different effects.