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This forces Goku to use Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x20 to keep.
Vegeta also tells Cabba to surpass all other Saiyans.Suddenly, a strange effect comes over Goku that severely weakens him and allows Frost a chance to strike.17 gather at the Capsule Corporation.17 confronts and easily defeats the leader.While fighting Gohan, Ginyu appears to have the upper hand until Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan and defeats him.He dubs the form Super Saiyan Rose Sp Saiya-jin windows xp ultra lite ita Roze ) following Goku's naming pattern.Krillin is very surprised to hear that Goku is still on Earth and not training with King Kai.When Fusion Zamasu grabs him, Goku overpowers him using his Kaio-ken technique, and knocks Fusion Zamasu back temporarily.An enraged Cabba suddenly transforms and goes on the offensive.

Seeing as how Goku is not present to help, Frieza orders his army to attack the Earthlings.The Gods quickly power up and continue fighting, but this time both are at their limit.Winning Whis Over!" / "Vegeta Becomes a Student?!Gohan introduces Future Trunks to his family.And Grant My Wish, Easy Please!" "Ide deyo kami no ry - soshite negai o kanaete chonmage!" (!) May 1, 2016 November 18, 2017 Zen announces that he will organize a martial arts tournament for all twelve universes.Goku and Hit Join Forces!" "Chzetsu ksoku batoru boppatsu!Beerus asks the Earthlings to find the Super Dragon Balls.
Hit takes the unconscious Frost back to the arena.
In Universe 11, Kahseral arrives at the Pride Trooper headquarters, where he and Toppo agree to leave the universe in their trainees' hands so they can participate in the tournament.