galactic civilizations 2 patch deutsch

New Option: Blind Exploration.
AI manages colony improvements more effectively.In all 3 cases it does an evaluation of the galaxy state to determine whether it should be doing this.Clicking the slot again, de-selects the component.Net effect is that population growth ability not quite as powerful.Xml file it will use additional entries which were previously excluded like Logistics.If the invader used the Use unhappy citizens tactic, these citizens could be counted as casualties and the casualties would exceed the number of troops on the transports, thus giving a negative population.Clicking a component on the ship, high-lights its slot in one piece episode 213 subtitle indonesia the component list Fixed bug where if you choose a filter, and then add a component that should be filtered out, it would still show in the list Size and rotation settings are no longer.

Use it to move ships from one fleet to another.We'll see how it works.May need to be balanced so that human player doesn't get too much of an advantage.This makes trading empires a lot more interesting and lets you branch out even further into the galaxy.Your Morale ability is taken to the.90 power and then added to morale (was.80 power).Population Growth tweaked so that abilities are taken into account before morale bonuses.They could disband or change the ships in the fleet.Start-up abilities made cheaper but less powerful too.
Econonomic engine cleaned UP!
Updated graphics for some planetary improvements.