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22, (2016) Abstract Full Text - PDF Purchase Article A Systematic Literature Review on the Limitations and Future Directions of the Existing Requirement Prioritization Techniques Syarifah Fazlin Seyed Fadzir, Suhaimi Ibrahim, and Mohd.
Rathore, Deepika, and.
22, (2016) Abstract Full Text - PDF Purchase Article Healthy Eating Practices Among Students in Sekolah Menengah Bandar Sibu, Sarawak.
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Organizational Readiness Assessment Determining organizational readiness to initiate and operate or expand a telehealth program is a basic step towards ensuring success.Telehealth programs will naturally change and progress over time. Online ROI Calculator Once individual investors have been clearly identified, an estimate of the ROI to the different stakeholders can be calculated.22, (2016) Abstract Full Text - PDF Purchase Article Performance Modeling and Analysis of a Hadoop Cluster for Efficient Big Data Processing JongBeom Lim, Jong-Suk Ahn, and Kang-Woo Lee Adv.Hemamalini, Shivam Mishra, Sumedh Meher Pophali, and Nilay Alokkumar Barve Adv.22, (2016) Abstract Full Text - PDF Purchase Article Ab-Initio Study of Structural, Electronic and Elastic Properties of PrPd3 Intermetallic Compound.22, (2016) Abstract Full Text - PDF Purchase Article A Study on Development of Traffic Accident Public Data Analysis System Using Hadoop Dae-Jea Cho Adv.22, (2016) Abstract Full Text - PDF Purchase Article A Semantic Analysis of Malaysia's Patriotic Songs Ahmad Azran Awang, Anitawati Mohd Lokman, Mohd Firdauz Mohd Fathir, and Shahnon Mohamed Salleh Adv.The tool also quantifies the strengths of the separate influences each variable has on the resulting ROI.Menon, and Asish.