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See Microsoft's Keyboard Layouts page to view various layouts available for Windows XP/2000/Server 2003.
A few issues arise in Sanskrit typography that are not present in other Devanagari-based languages: Specialized ligatures: Sanskrit texts feature a much larger set of conjunct consonants or 'ligatures' than modern vernaculars.Selecolor, hTML to embed image on websites/blogs.Moreover, while it is often acceptable in vernacular typesetting to use 'half-consonant' forms or 'halants' (called 'viramas' in Sanskrit) to create these ligatures, Sanskrit texts have traditionally used more complex representations.Pandit Panini is known as famous Specilaist of Sanskrit language.Back to top Additional Resources and Credits The content and design of this page rely largely Alan Wood's Unicode Fonts and wazu japan's Gallery of Unicode Fonts ; these sites are excellent and up-to-date resources to find fonts, text editors, browsers, and other Unicode resources.Sanskrit in Other Scripts: Sanskrit may also be represented in archaic scripts.Create text-based images or logos with Sanskrit fonts.Sanskrit Font Special Alt Key code.You may either enter Sanskrit directly or copy from other sources and paste below.
Microsoft's Keyboard Layout Creator allows the user to create a new keyboard, if the default keyboard layout is undesirable.
Recommended Fonts, the salrc recommends the following Devanagari fonts for use in Sanskrit language pedagogy and Internet applications: Click on font names or samples for specific information and text samples for each font.

According to a 2001, Census of India, Sanskrit has about 12,000 native speakers.Then you can save your typing and copy text wherever you want.They are unsuitable for use with Macintosh computers, because they make use of OpenType technology, developed jointly game samurai warriors 4 ii by Microsoft and Adobe, for displaying vowel signs ( matras ) and ligatures appropriately.Control Panel System Languages, and are an optional installation (Click on "How to Install Fonts and Layouts" in the left navigation bar for more information).Below is a typical Devanagari keyboard layout.Vedic Accents and Characters: While a number of proposals are currently in the works, the Devanagari tables of the Unicode Standard.1 does not provide code points for most Vedic accent marks and other characters.
Below is a collection of Sanskrit fonts.