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N 1, the modern concept of the book test involves the magician revealing a word, phrase, or image that the spectator has selected at random.
3, it is believed, wits laberynth was the inspiration for the same trick in Nicholas Hunt's.The events are described in magical terms, and whether or not any sort of event like this took place is unknown, nor is it clear if this is anything like a book test, or more likely, billet reading.Using a dictionary, the gimmick is prepared by finding the first defined word on the left page, which is normally bolded or larger, and writing it in fine pencil on the top of the right page.One of the best known variations of this trick was repeatedly performed.Hofzinser", 1985 David Hoy, "The Bold and Subtle Miracles.The passage may be revealed to the audience, or recorded in some other way for later comparison.Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser sometime between 18, generally known simply as game 3d jar 320x240 "The Word".The book test has been the world of ice and fire pdf a staple of mentalist acts throughout the 20th century.The magician may use a single book, a single page or multiple books.Faust, 7 the "Bold Book Test" is widely considered a classic and inventive trick.
As the magician riffles the book, they can easily flip to that page when the spectator calls "stop".
Mathematical forces of this sort, similar to the original "labyrinth" type tests, are no longer common as these are widely known to the audience.

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All require some preparation to use properly.In one story, Se-Osiris is able to read the contents of a sealed scroll, and thereby prove the superiority of Egyptian magicians.10 There are many versions of the book test.Twenty One Card Trick, in which a series of operations reveals the chosen item through basic mathematics.A very different style of book test uses unmodified books, and yet produces similar results.Wits laberynth, or, the exercise of idlenesse."Hybrid" systems replace the gimmick book with a single gimmick page, which is styled and sized to fit within a target magazine or book.History edit, books have been used as props as long ago as the 1450s.
Mnemonic gimmicks edit Another major class of book tests involves a mnemonic device to distribute "money words" across a page.
The original method, called "The Word was developed.F.