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MKNetworkKit is an expository, deep ARC compatible networking resource for iOS and Mac signals.These cards did not differ from the regular version of the cards contained within the packs sold the circle maker epub at the retail level.The checklist card in each set lists all the trainers for the theme of the set.Aside from the regular card packs, some regular series cards were distributed on a promotional basis through GameStop, EB Games, and Energizer batteries.Dot code edit Data is encoded on the cards using " dot code a specialized barcode technology licensed from Olympus Corporation.Nintendo Japan had a competition where 1,000 lucky people won cards.It is not tested if these cards also work for non-Japanese versions, or if it is exclusive.
Pokémon Battle-e edit The Pokémon Battle-e Cards, when scanned into Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire, allowed the player to load up special trainers to battle or to get special berries.
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