cs 1.6 fy maps pack

De_speedball_b2 -by tundra_cool ( email protected ), extract de_speedball_p into your maps folder.
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For more info and can i create an itunes account on my ipad downloads, go.I like small map, fast and quick play".Postcount, any, greater than Less than Equal.24 Cannons 9 Sails 8 Shrouds 5 Masts 4 Decks 3 Crowsnest 2 Sharks and a partridge in a pear tree, map Name: de_box_bh, author: Dan Jack.But for now im going to move onto my next map which will be revolved around racing the gmow cars or doing stunts with them.Order, postUpdated, date Added, any TimeTodayThis WeekLast 2 weeksThis MonthLast 3 MonthsLast 6 MonthsThis Year.Less Information, more Information ยป.Also the skybox is rendered at full scale, so you can noclip into it and play around on the terrain there!Quot;tovvexanybody knows small map in CS 16 except speedrun and deathmatch.Author: Unknown_Soldier Version: Beta fy_train by Head-Cracker (HC)!It will add 13 fy_maps to CS Source.Maybe i'll update it again when i can be bothered.
Also you are allowed on the roofs of the houses, unlike in the CSS version There was more in the gmod version, but after i had finished and saved it, then loaded it again it had become corrupt.
fy_waterwall by Christian Orona aka Divine made and designed completely in Hammer for Source textures by Valve map and design by Christian Orona aka Divine m check m for more maps!

Fy_iceworld_advanced by: No Information is known.Bomb Site C - Prevent the terrorist game samurai warriors 4 ii from destroying The CT's surplus stockpile.The gmod version includes cars from gmow in the 3d skybox.Alias: Black Hawk, site: m, there are three bombsites on this map.Map Attributes 120 of 1,116 1, map Submitter, stats fy_csgamers_v2 10 bScore 2, rating 2 votes 499 views 3 posts 3d fy_rocks 67 bScore.76, rating 5 votes 3,900 views 11 posts 8moUpdated 23d.Made by JoshuaC.Bomb Site B - Prevent the terrorist from destroying The Lab.Fight-yard (Pack 1) 999 views 2 posts 1mo fy_RaiD 80 bScore 9, rating 1 vote 1,179 views 1 post 1mo fy_pool_suite 2,795 views 1mo fy_snow_dustTP 80 bScore 9 Rating 1 vote 1,472 views 1mo fy_brown_gate 659 views 1mo fy_toronto 1,079 views 1mo Aim_Square 70 bScore.A remake of breakship using models is in the works.This is a huge counter-strike.6 map pack put together by your freinds over at qH (QuntumHive hosting the WC3 Chicago.6 server.
Yeah me too, i like fy_snow and fy_pool day this is the best small map.
CT Objective, bomb Site A - Prevent the terrorist from blowing op the propane tanks.