cs 1.6 admin hook plugin

Set_object_terms (Since version.8.0) Runs after an object's terms have been set.
Shutdown Runs when the page output is complete.
Also available in Custom Post Types.
Is generally used to perform basic setup, registration, and init actions for a theme.Wp_insert_post Same as save_post, runs immediately afterwards.Feed Actions atom_entry Runs just after the entry information has been printed (but before closing the entry tag) for each blog entry in an atom jee advanced 2014 question paper pdf feed.You must add an action for the specific options that you want to respond to, such as 'update_option_foo' to respond when option "foo" has been updated.Loop_start Runs before the first post of the WordPress loop is processed.Action function arguments: comment.Lostpassword_post runs when the user has requested an email message to retrieve their password, to allow a plugin to modify the PHP _post variable before processing.Contents, actions Run During a Typical Request.(ref array) posts_selection wp After WP object is set up (ref array) template_redirect get_header wp_enqueue_scripts (Specific to Twenty Eleven) wp_head wp_print_styles wp_print_scripts get_search_form loop_start (ref array) the_post (ref array) Allows modification of the post object immediately after query get_template_part_content Template part for the content loop_end.Trash_comment Fires immediately before a comment is sent to the Trash.Edit_form_after_title Runs after the title on WordPress post edit screen (and Custom Post Types) but before the built in WordPress content area.CS.6 hook plugini, yani a atma plugini olan bu pluginin öncekinden fark elektriksel a atyor olmas.This hook is called after the query variable object is created, but before the query is actually run, and can be used to to alter the primary query before it is run.Unspammed_comment Fires immediately after a comment is unmarked as Spam.

Runs after the data is saved to the database.Manage_posts_custom_column Runs when there is an unknown column name for the managing posts admin screen.CS.6 Hook New.0 Alternativ Link 1 Download.Use the return value of a function such as add_submenu_page to determine the value of (page_hook).Untrashed_comment Fires immediately after a comment is restored from the Trash.Rss2_head Runs just after the blog information has been printed in an RSS 2 feed, just before the first entry.Use priority less than 10 to run before printing the feed.Commentrss2_item Runs just after a single comment's information has been printed in a comment feed (but before closing the item tag).Dbx_post_advanced Runs at the bottom control systems engineering norman nise ebook of the "advanced" section on the post editing screen in the admin menus.Action function arguments: post or page ID, WP_Post object of the post before the update and after the update.
Get_footer Runs when the template calls the get_footer function, just before the p template file route des maisons rouges is loaded.