crystal report tutorial codeproject

Now we will move on to create the Crystal Reports design.
Open Visual Studio.NET and select a new Visual Basic.NET Project.
12) Drag and drop the required fields into the "Details" section of the report.
This action will create a new Web site project.Open Visual Studio.NET and select a new CSharp Windows project.Engine; using ared; using System.Once we have a Web site project created, next step is to get database access in the project.7) Specify the connection information.4) Right click on the "Details Section" of the report, training pace calculator half marathon and select "Database" - "Add/Remove Database".Once the report file is added, you can see the Field Explorer on the left side of the screen.Call the databind method from your code behind page.Select your Sql Server name, enter river raid game atari userid, password and select your Database Name.Code using System; using neric; using nq; using System.
Select the Crystal Reports source from the right side of the control.
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Next step is to select the appropriate connection to your database (here crstaldb).Just expand it and drag one by one each field from the Field Explorer to the rpt file the under detail section.Oledb Connection for SQL Server to connect Crystal Reports in C#.From the tables list double click the Product table then you can see the Product table will come in the right side list.You can arrange the design according your requirements.Engine; Copy and paste the following source code and run your C# project.