cracked screen wallpaper ipad

Description, are you looking for a fun but harmless prank to play on your god of war 2 save game for pc friends?
Simply using apps or walllpapers.Open iTunes if you don't have it open on your computer already.Is the screen broken or was this just another close call?!Better Cracked Screen, check for other apps for other phones.Wallpaper: For iphone: link 1, connect your iPod to your computer as you normally would with the USB cable.But playing a good prank on your friends is the best, and with this app that's just what you can do!You will be able to access photo options from here.
Enjoy the shock of your friends, colleges and even your teachers!
Trying to scare your friends?

16 Pregnancy Announcements That Are Totally Nailing.Maps,, play, gmail, drive, calendar, google.Your friends will be shocked to find out that the screen glass isn't really damaged!Once they are in on the joke, you can even share these wallpapers with your friends so they can pass along the prankster fun!Imagine this: you are happily texting your best friend when someone carelessly bumps into you with their backpack; in an instant you lose your grip and your phone slides out of your hand, hitting the floor with a loud crack.These wallpapers look just like a real cracked screen.For the app just test it out before you give it a try on your friends an your confident it will work.If its a wallpaper then save it on your phone(make sure you use the right resolution).Translate, photos, more, shopping, fairy tail episodes 171 docs, books, blogger.
Choose the "Synchronize Photos From" checkbox and select either "iPhoto "Choose Folder" or "Pictures" (as in your pictures folder) from the pop-up menu.
After you have the app or the wallpaper on your phone its time to shock your friends!