car race games for ubuntu

It is also available in Ubuntu Software Center, so ubuntu users can install it from there.
Last Release:, speed Dreams features several different racing modes; while some offer greater customization than others, most generally try to reproduce real types of races. .Next, click on Apply to begin the download and may takes few minutes to hours depending upon your internet speed.If you have more experience in gaming on Linux desktop then feel free to share your experience (through comment).Graphic features lighting, smoke, skidmarks and glowing brake disks.Vdrift, vDrift is a cross-platform, free/open source driving simulation made with drift racing in mind.
Racer, racer is a free car simulator project, using high-end car physics to achieve a realistic feeling and an excellent render engine for graphical realism.
Not all cool games are available for GNU/Linux platform, but its expected to grow fast here is the list of cool games available for Linux.

So, in the end of this post, you will get an overview of some of the best/popular games(open source and commercial).it is not an easy task to select top 10 games from a list, so if you dont see your favorite game listed here dont.Basically, you run a certain number of laps and try to be faster than your opponents.Last Release:, torcs is designed to enable active directory tools server 2012 pre-programmed AI drivers to race against one another, while allowing the user to control a vehicle.You race a sequence of 6 courses, with increasing levels of difficulty, its been tested also on machine with not much graphical power (701 EEE PC) with good results.Torcs is GPL (version 2 or later).The latest version.8.6, and available for the target platforms.Ubuntu.10 s Software Center, then you may find a lot of strategy games to try but in this post Ill introduce you with a turn-based tactical strategy game.
In this context the most relevant change since torcs introduced in Speed Dreams.0 is the Career mode: here the player can compete with different car classes, during multiple seasons, on randomly selected tracks and against balanced random opponents, earning points in championship rankings.
Its possible to play Racer Trigger Rallys newly-launched Online edition playable right from your browser and powered by WebGL and Three.