boboiboy musim ke 2 episode 7

Kesan-kesan tembakan Pistol Emosi.
To go queue, BoBoiBoy sneak into the staff room to avoid Yaya, the watchdog said that keeping the school gates.Pistol Emosi Y barunya dan menyuruh BoBoiBoy keluar.Ochobot and fan 150 esdi 2013 tunada Tok Aba had no choice but to play the game.Video Diambil daripada " " Ad blocker interference detected!The Sleep Monster, Probe and Adu Du paid a visit to Tok Aba's house.BoBoiBoy, who was tried to capture Probe, has followed into a spaceship and has triumphed taking the cocoa's original powder.Fortunately, Ochobot managed to calm BoBoiBoy Cyclone by forcing him to watch a telenovela.Fortunately, Tok Aba woke up to replace Papa Zola and fought the monster with his skills.Sementara itu di, markas Kotak, Adu Du bermundar-mandir sambil memerah otak untuk mencari jalan untuk mengalahkan BoBoiBoy selama tujuh jam.Background changed six months later in Sekolah Rendah Pulau Rintis.The fight was so intense that BoBoiBoy Earth forced himself to transform into BoBoiBoy Earthquake.Together, the 3 BoBoiBoy destroyed Mukalakus.The season 2 Finale flip font full version for s60v5 will be held on 17 and Note : The Title of the episode given in this table is not stated in the episode itself but is given to it by the viewers themselves.Unfortunately, Yaya find them in situ and finally they have been punished by Yaya for entry into the teachers' room, a restricted area for students.Description, category: Film, appears on these pages of, season 2, Episode 7, fang forgets the reason why Ochobot faints every time he sees him, meanwhile Adu Du got his.
Papa Fair (the real name is Papa Zola) became a referee in the match.

21 7 "Uncontrollable Emotions" 9 December 2012 (Disney Channel Asia) BoBoiBoy Fang asked why Ochobot fainted every time she sees her face, but Fang could not answer for sure.Tok Aba, Ochobot mimpi bahawa dia dikejar oleh seseorang tetapi dia tidak ingat siapa yang mengejarnya.When Adu Du and Probe managed to escape from the trap made by BoBoiBoy Earth, he stole the book and kidnapped BoBoiBoy Lightning.19 5 "The Revenge of Adu Du" 10 November 2012 (Disney Channel Asia) BoBoiBoy and Gopal began investigating why Ochobot fainted at the sight of Fang and why buy Yaya's biscuits every day before going to school.Adu Du hanya menyatakan bahawa "tidak baik hapus-hapuskan orang".17 3 "BoBoiBoy vs Fang" (Disney Channel Asia) Papa Zola teach physical education classes, and challenging for race BoBoiBoy and Fang took the egg in a spoon as a way to discipline those who consider sport 'childish' and 'challenging'.La Rams, james Harden, texas Shooting.895821 1, contact Abuse.Therefore, Ejo Jo directing minions to reduce its combat darkwatch ps2 iso completo robot,.E.T.A.I.# in Series # in Season, title, first Air Date (.Probe mencadangkan bahawa mereka mengitar semula idea lama untuk kalahkan BoBoiBoy.