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Hay un cierto desacuerdo sobre la eficacia de la insulina sintética comparada con la insulina derivada de las fuentes animales.
"Listeria comet tails: the sound effects applause and cheering actin-based motility machinery at work".
"Novel actin-like filament structure from Clostridium tetani".Witke W, Schleicher M, Noegel AA (Jan 1992).Manor U, Kachar B (Dec 2008).48 In vitro production takes place in a sequential manner: first, there is the "activation phase when the bonding and exchange of divalent cations occurs in specific places on the G-actin, which is bound to ATP.Miyamoto K, Gurdon JB (Sep 2011).However, the development of double mutations that lack both gene types is affected.Por otra parte, no excluiría de todas las inyecciones de insulina; los diabéticos insulinodependientes deberían seguir inyectándose, siguiendo la pauta de su médico.

Akpolat N, Yahsi S, Godekmerdan A, Yalniz M, Demirbag K (Sep 2005).132 Interfering in actin dynamics has repercussions for an organisms development, in fact actin is such a crucial element that systems of redundant genes are available.83 Authors describe a protein present in the nuclear fraction, obtained from Xenopus laevis oocytes, which shows the same features such skeletal muscle actin."Expression microarray analysis reveals genes associated with in vitro resistance to cisplatin in a cell line model".Some cells develop fine filliform outgrowths on their surface that have a mechanosensory function.35 Ribbon model of the apical -domain of the chaperonin CCT.Some authors suggest that the ancestral protein that gave rise to the model eukaryotic actin resembles the proteins present in modern bacterial cytoskeletons.The Journal of Neuroscience.155 In heart muscle edit The actc1 gene codes for the -actin isoform present in heart muscle.
"Nuclear actin and myosin I are required for RNA polymerase I transcription".
They possess a number of accessory proteins including ADF/cofilin, which has a molecular weight of 16kDa and is coded for by a single gene, called COF1 ; Aip1, a cofilin cofactor that promotes the disassembly of microfilaments; Srv2/CAP, a process regulator related to adenylate cyclase.