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Sprite Backup 6 - Shareware from Sprite Software.After one unplanned hard reset and one firmware upgrade, I'm a true believer in this software.Never used this much so didn't install it on the 211.Manage your calendar, tasks, contacts, and notes all in one app that supports seemingly endless customizability.The alarm let's you wake up to your favorite music.Early beta of a pdf viewer.SpbPocket Plus - Shareware from Spb Software House.pieplus - Shareware from ReenSoft.

PopCap shuts down Dublin studio anime hunter x hunter episode 78 subtitle indonesia PopCap Mobile Majesco plans to release GBA versions of the Web based puzzle games Bookworm and Bejeweled in Free Puzzle RPG.Attractive app to keep your passwords, bank info, credit card data, etc., safe.I used it to delete some annoying duplicate entries.Consumer IR and AV Remote The i730 has consumer IR (stronger, longer range IR) and comes with a wonderful AV remote control program that you can use to control your home stereo and entertainment center components.The fidelity of the rendering compared to the desktop is excellent.If you're a power user craving serious processing power, plenty of memory and triple wireless, the i730 beckons.PopCap Games Inc is an American PopCap fired 50 employees in North America in a move to address a shift to mobile and free to play games and evaluated ceasing.The large flash ROM area is particularly attractive because its contents won't be wiped out should the unit completely run out of battery power and it's large enough to support an upgrade to Windows Mobile 5, should Samsung and Verizon Wireless offer.
The iPAQ came with a pdf viewer so I'll try that for a while.