auto shutdown linux script

You can give very precise times in the format of ccyymmddhhmm.
Maybe you want to robert lafore c ebook copy data from a volatile storage system to a permanent location.Target, service, typeoneshot, remainAfterExittrue, execStart/bin/true.If you open SSH too broadly, it's a when, not an if you get hacked.Reload to refresh your session.It's tempting to think of them the same way, though.For example: Unit, descriptionRun mycommand at shutdown, requiresnetwork.SysVinit does not blindly run the kill scripts.I should clarify at this point that I'm talking about so-called "one-shot" commands as opposed to stopping a daemon.#!/bin/bash, battinfoacpi -b, critical_percentage21, #change this to correct username!On Debian based systems, this can be done with: sudo apt-get install.Ss, as in at -t.12 This will run the script at 21:34 and 12 seconds on the 14th of March 2014.You want to use the filter rules to limit access to only a trusted place.The general format of a crontab is: command to be executed day of week (0 - 6) (Sunday0) month (1 - 12) day of month (1 - 31) hour (0 - 23) min (0 - 59 so, for example, this will run ls every day.I'm far better at building Windows command scripts, so I prefer to write them.As mentioned by davidgo above, there is a (very) similar question answered in m, that could be used as a reference for a more advanced approaching.No modifications to the UT OS, and all my shutdown scripts are in one place for easy maintenance., 03:17 PM #4, originally Posted by jcoehoorn, what you want to do makes almost no sense.
You can do this directly from the shutdown command, see man shutdown: synopsis /sbin/shutdown -akrhPHfFnc -t sec time warning message.

I wouldn't set a cron job, I'd use plink or a similar tool to issue a shutdown command from somewhere else.Linux and Unix systems have long made it pretty easy to run a command on boot.I will test rest of the work., 12:27 AM #9 To Shutdown "UT one thing i have found interesting, to achieve one of my goal is to shutdown remotely, can be achieved Manually just access "UT" via its IP Config System Support "Manual Reboot", "Manual Shutdown".All you have to do is put your script in which is handled by rvice.It can issue commands to Untangle server via SSH from a windows machine.Txt warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh job 3 at Thu Apr 4 20:16:00 2013.All of that is great, but what if you're running a distribution of Linux that uses systemd instead of SysVinit?If echo battinfo grep Discharging echo battinfo cut -c 25-26 -lt critical_percentage then echo date file_location echo "Was forced to hibernate, due to low battery status" file_location echo battinfo file_location sudo pm-hibernate total overdose 2 game setup fi, the job can be automated using a cron job, by editing the.Instead, it looks for (on Red Hat 6) /var/lock/subsys/service_name (where service_name here would be runmycommandatshutdown).Txt at now 1 abbyy finereader 8 serial min cmd.