animations for powerpoint 2007

To do this right-click on the door, then go to Format Shape, 3D format and lets add the depth, maybe 20 points.
Step #4: Lining it all up At this point, what we need to do is line up everything up evenly.Scroll through the slides of your presentation either by using the mouse wheel or by clicking subsequent slides in the left pane.Ive included the video tutorial and the written tutorial for this animations effect below so you can follow along at your own pace.Step #1: Add a 3D Effect.We are now ready to make the hinge for the door.Step #3: Remove the Outline, remove the shape outline by scrolling down in the menu electricity bill management system project in vb box and selecting the No Line option.Sample clip, presenter Info, echo Swinford is a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP who has contributed to numerous books about PowerPoint, including her own book, Fixing PowerPoint Annoyances and The PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover Kit which she co-authored in 2007.In PowerPoint animation effects tutorial Ill show you how to make a door hinge effect, but the same technique applies to boxes and other hinge effect examples you can see in the graphics below.A committed proponent of contributing to the community of PowerPoint users, Echo conducts sessions and workshops, and participates in numerous conferences, in addition to offering her expertise to popular Microsoft newsgroups.

Then, group the two doors and the doorknob (ctrl G for PC users or with both objects selected, right-click and select Group from the right-click menu.Adding this hinge animation effect to your presentation will delight your audience, as no one expects to see something opening and closing in PowerPoint.This will allow you to have both versions on hand in case you need to display or print handouts for future presentations.Color the door orange (or whatever color you like) with a gradient. .Here is where we create our hinge effect and make the door come to life.So, if we were going to try to rotate the door as is, it would turn in the center (like a revolving door) which is not what we want.For the animations Im about to show you, I will use PowerPoint 2013 for earlier versions, such as 2007 shown below, youll need to open up the Custom Animations Tab.And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the PowerPoint animation hinge effect!So from the Add Animation dropdown, add a Disappear animation.
Part #3: Layering Animating the Objects.